2.4 Whistleblowing


This guidance was updated in April 2015, when information was added on the Whistleblowing Helpline, and a link provided to guidance published for staff in health and social careĀ  in relation to Raising Concerns at Work.

Staff, through fears about repercussions, may find it difficult to raise child protection concerns about colleagues or managers.

Senior managers in all MSKCB partner organisations should ensure provision of a well-publicised 'whistle blowing' or 'speak out' procedure that provides a range of methods for reporting concerns, such as using a direct specialist telephone line.

The whistle blowing procedure should be publicised and information should be provided about 'Public Concern At Work', an independent charity whose lawyers can give free confidential advice about how to raise a concern about malpractice at work.

See also Raising Concerns at Work - Whistleblowing Guidance for Workers and Employers in Health and Social Care.

The Whistleblowing Helpline offers free, confidential and independent advice about whistleblowing processes to people working in the NHS and adult social care.

The helpline can be reached by telephoning 08000 724725, emailing visiting the website on

The helpline is available weekdays between 08.00 and 18.00 with an out of hours answering service on weekends and public holidays.

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