4.4 Notification of Serious Child Care Incidents

1.1 LAC (2004)12 updated the arrangements for local authorities to provide statutory notifications on a form supplied to each local authority.

Notifications with respect to children are required about:

  • Death of a Child in Care;
  • Death or serious harm to a child in a children's home;
  • Serious harm to a child;
  • Conduct of a member of staff;
  • Serious Case Reviews that are possible or confirmed (see Serious Case Review Procedure).
1.3 Deaths of children in care and deaths of children in regulated settings should be notified to OFSTED. In all cases the information provided should include: the name and date of birth of the child concerned; her/his address and statutory status at the time of death; the circumstances of death; and a named contact person in the responsible local authority.

All notifications should be sent to;

Residential Care Team,
National Business Unit;
Royal Exchange Buildings;
St. Anne's Square;
M2 7LA.

Or telephone 08456 404040

1.5 Notifications of deaths of children in care should be sent to both OFSTED and the Department for Education.
1.6 Notifications of deaths of children in regulated settings should be sent to the local office of OFSTED in which the registered home is located.


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