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3.5 Looked After Children Subject to Child Protection Plans


1. Reviews, Care Planning & Conferences

In Milton Keynes is is rare that a Looked After Child will remain the subject of a Child Protection Plan. will have both Children in Care Reviews and Child Protection Review Conferences. In the event it is deemed appropriate, the Childcare review should be arranged so as to follow the child protection conference.

Chilcare Reviews and Child Protection Conferences are separate meetings with different purposes. The plans made at Child in Care Reviews must be consistent with the Child Protection Plan.

Where a Childcare Review or other local authority planning meeting proposes any change which might significantly affect the level of risk of a child subject to a Child Protection Plan eg return home to parents, the decision must not be implemented until it is considered by a review Child Protection Conference, unless it is part of the existing protection plan.

Where there is disagreement within the subsequent Child Protection Review Conference about the proposed change suggested by the Childcare Review, the situation must be brought to the attention of the operational service manager, who in consultation with the safeguarding manager, will decide whether or not to proceed with the change.

Where a child is subject to a Child Protection Plan and is removed from accommodation by parents or where a child in care is returned to parents or carers in court proceedings, against the recommendation of the local authority, a Child Protection Review Conference must be convened to consider the risks to the child and the implications for the protection plan.

If necessary the local authority must take action to protect a child prior to a conference. This must not be delayed until a child protection review is convened if an enquiry or assessment indicates it is required sooner.

2. Discontinuation of the Child Protection Plan

When a child in care is no longer living in the situation which gave rise to the decision to make her/him subject of a Child Protection Plan and there is no current plan for her/him to be returned, her/his name may be removed (by means of a Child Protection Review Conference decision) from the list of those for whom such a plan exists. In these circumstances the child's Care Plan must include any elements of the Child Protection Plan that remain valid.

Should the care plan subsequently include returning the child from care to the situation that previously resulted in a decision to make her/him subject of a protection plan, a child protection conference must be held first to consider if a Child Protection Plan is required.

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